Tired of your cat scratching and destroying your furniture?

How it works?

Because cats detest sticky surfaces, applying Cat, Don't Scratch!(tm), our scratch deterrent double sided tape to couches, curtains and cushions will ward off unwanted claw-sharpening. Simply affix the double-sided adhesive sheets to desired areas of furniture. Offer your cat an appropriate scratching post or sisal pad nearby, and then praise and reward your cat for acceptable scratching. Once your cat has learned not to scratch the treated furniture, simply remove the tape and discard. 

How to apply?

Scratching is the most common complaint voiced by cat owners. That's not surprising given that the destruction can be very costly. We at Sofisti-Cat, a cat loving family owned company do understand. That is why we created simple yet effective solution that teaches your cat (or cats) where NOT to scratch. Our cat anti-scratch training tape helps you redirect your cat to use appropriate places to scratch, such as scratching posts and sisal mats. After a short training period, all family and friends will see is that you have pristine furniture and a well-behaved cat.